5 GHz PTP 450i END Connectorized

5 GHz PTP 450i END Connectorized

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PTP 450i is an industry grade (carrier Grade) point to point wireless solution with high scalability and processing power. It gives optimum performance with its intelligent filtering capability while operating in a harsh environment.

Key Features:

  • An ultra-wide band radio supports 4900 MHz to 5925 MHz with dynamic interference filtering, improved transmit power and better receive sensitivity.
  • Rugged metal enclosure designed to meet IP-66 and IP-67 standards to withstand harsh environments. Optional ATEX/HAXLOC certified models available for hazardous deployments.
  • Dynamic Interference Filtering to provide industry leading noise isolation for improved performance
  • Updated FPGA and SoC architecture triples the processing power compared to PMP 450
  • Multifunction AUX port allows for greater flexibility for deployment by adding a camera or other PoE directly


  • Channel Spacing: 3GHz: Customizable to 50 KHz, 5GHz: Configurable on 2.5MHz increments
  • Frequency Range: 3GHz: 3300 - 3900MHz, 5GHz: 4900 - 5925MHz
  • Channel Width: 5MHz, 7MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz, 20MHz, 30MHz or 40MHz 5GHz: 4900 – 5925MHz
  • Maximum Deployment Range: Up to 200kilometers (124miles) depending on configuration
  • Latency: 3 - 5ms, typical
  • GPS Synchronization: Yes, via Auto sync (UGPS, CMM4 or CMM5)
  • Quality of Service: Diffserve QoS
  • Antenna Beam Width: 10° azimuth for integrated antenna
  • Antenna Gain: 3GHz Integrated: +19dBi dual slant, 5GHz Integrated: +23dBi dual pol, H+V
  • Transmit Power Range: 40dB dynamic range (to EIRP limit by region) (1dB step)
  • Maximum Transmit Power: +27dBm combined output (+25dBm combined for 3 GHz)
  • Power Consumption: 15W typical, 19W max, 45W max with Aux port PoE out enable
  • Input Voltage: 48-59V DC, 802.3at compliant

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