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SG300-10PP 10-port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch

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Management features
Switch type  What switch device has, managed or unmanaged. Managed
Switch layer  A network switch is a computer networking device that links networking segments. A switch has different layers, such as layer 2 (a network bridge, operating at the data link layer, interconnecting a small number of devices) and layer 4 (can act as a firewall, amongst other things). L2
Ports & interfaces
Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports quantity  The number of basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports (sockets). 8
Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports type  The type/category of basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports (sockets). Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000)
Combo SFP ports quantity 2
ExpressCard slot  Port for an ExpressCard, which contain electronic circuitry and connectors to which external devices (peripherals) can be connected. The ExpressCard standard has replaced the PC Card (also known as PCMCIA) standard and has been used since 2006. No
Networking standards  The way in which the network is working, e.g. IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g. IEEE 802.1D,IEEE 802.1p,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE 802.1s,IEEE 802.1w,IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3ab,IEEE 802.3ad,IEEE 802.3af,IEEE 802.3at,IEEE 802.3u,IEEE 802.3x,IEEE 802.3z
10G support  The product can use Oracle 10G, which is a database management system introduced in 2003. No
Port mirroring Yes
Flow control support Yes
Link aggregation Yes
Broadcast storm control Yes
Rate limiting Yes
DHCP client  Whether the product features a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to obtain IP addresses within a network. Yes
Spanning tree protocol Yes
Head-of-line (HOL) blocking Yes
VLAN support  A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) consists of a group of computers and switches that can be physically distributed over different networks and buildings, but form one LAN on a logical level. Yes
Number of VLANs 4096
Data transmission
Switching capacity  The data transfer capacity of the switch per second. 20
Throughput 14.88
MAC address table  The MAC address is the 'Media Access Control Address'. It is a unique address given to a network interface controller (NIC) in a device. A MAC address table shows the addresses in a table format. 16384
Number of queues 4
Jumbo frames support Yes
Packet buffer memory 1  MB
DHCP features DHCP server,DHCP client
Access Control List (ACL) Yes
Security algorithms  Security algorithms are used to provide authentication, cipher key generation, integrity and radio link privacy to users on mobile networks. The security algorithms supported are the ones that can be used with this product. 802.1x RADIUS,HTTPS,SSH,SSL/TLS
MAC address filtering  Security access control method whereby the 48-bit address assigned to each network card is used to determine access to the network. MAC addresses are uniquely assigned to each card, so using MAC filtering on a network permits and denies network access to specific devices through the use of blacklists and whitelists. Yes
SSH/SSL support Yes
Management protocols SNMP V1/V2c/V3, HTTP/HTTPS
Supported network protocols  Network protocols tested as compatible with this product e.g. FTP,HTML, POP. IPv4, IPv6
Product colour  The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white. Black
LED indicators Yes
Case design Freestanding
Certification UL (UL 60950), CSA (CSA 22.2), CE mark, FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A
Flash memory 16  MB
Firmware upgradeable Yes
Mean time between failures (MTBF)  Statistical model used to indicate product/mechanism reliability; expressed in hours and percentage of duty cycle. This number (in hours) does not indicate the mean time before failure for a single unit/mechanism. 945042
Minimum system requirements Mozilla Firefox v8, Microsoft Internet Explorer v7, Safari, Chrome
Number of power supply units 1
AC input voltage  The voltage of the AC electricity that is inpitted into the product. 100 - 240
AC input voltage  The voltage of the AC electricity that is inputted into the product. 100 - 240
AC input frequency 50 - 60
Input current 2
Power consumption (typical)  Amount of power consumed by this model, often expressed in watts (W). Typical values that manufacturers give are power consumption when off, standby/suspended mode, typical use, maximum usage. 13.37
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Power over Ethernet (PoE)  The device supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which is one of several standardized or ad-hoc systems which pass electrical power along with data on Ethernet cabling. This allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras. Yes
Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) ports quantity 8
Total Power over Ethernet (PoE) budget 62
Operational conditions
Operating temperature (T-T)  The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely operated. 0 - 45
Storage temperature (T-T)  The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely stored. -20 - 70
Operating relative humidity (H-H) 10 - 90
Storage relative humidity (H-H) 10 - 90
Heat dissipation  The heat generated by the power supply. 278.36
Weight & dimensions
Width  The measurement or extent of something from side to side. 279.4
Depth  The distance from the front to the back of something. 170
Height  The measurement of the product from head to foot or from base to top. 44.5
Weight  Weight of the product without packaging (net weight). If possible, the net weight is given including standard accessories and supplies. Please note that sometimes the manufacturer leaves out the weight of accessories and/or supplies. 1.24
Packaging data
Cables included Serial
Quick start guide  Instructions, either online, as a computer program or in paper form, to allow you to set up and start using the product quickly. Yes

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