EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Controller

EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Controller

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EPEVER PWM Solar Charge Controller VS-AU Series 12V/24V Auto Work EP Solar Battery Charge Controller Dual USB (10A/20A/30A/45A/60A)

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● 3-Stage intelligent PWM charging:Bulk, Boost/Equalize, Float
● Support 3 charging options: Sealed, Gel, and Flooded
● LCD display design, dynamically displaying device`s operating data and working condition
● Double USB design, the power supply charge for electronic equipment
● With humanized button settings, operation will be more comfortable and convenient
● Multiple load control modes
● Energy statistics function
● Battery temperature compensation function
● Extensive Electronic protection

Electronic protections:
● PV reverse polarity protection ● Battery over voltage protection
● Battery over discharge protection  ● Battery reverse polarity protection
● Battery overheating protection ● Load overload protection
● Load short circuit protection ● Controller overheating protection

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