PWD Solar Controller VS6024AU 12/24V-60A

PWD Solar Controller VS6024AU 12/24V-60A

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PWD Solar Controller VS6024AU 12/24V-60A

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Technical specifications:

model No VS1024AU V32024AU VS3024AU VS4524AU V86024AU

Nominal system voltage 12/24V auto work

Battery input voltage ~
range 9 32V

Max. PV open circuit
Battery type Sealed(Default) / Gel / Flooded /User

5313:? charm” Sealed:14.6V/ Gel: No/ Flooded:14.8V/User:9-17V

Boost charging voltage” Sealed:14.4V/ Gel:14.2V/ Flooded:14.6V/User:9-17V

Float charging voltage“ Sealed/Gel/Flooded:13.8V/Userz9-1 7V


Low voltage reconnect

Low voltage disconnect



Sealed/Gel/Flooded:1 1 .1VIUserz9-17V


Self-consumption S10mA/12V;S18mA/24V; 514.5mA/36V; S17mA

Temperature 0 o
compensation coefficient '3mV/ C/ZV (25 C )

USB output 5VDC/2.4A

. . 142x85x41.5 160x94.9x49.3 181x100.9x59.8 194x118.4x63.8 214x128.7x72.2
12AWG(4mm2) 8AWG(1Omm2) 6AWG(16mm2) 6AWG(16mm2) 3AWG(25mm?)


workmg env'mnment -2$°C ~+SS°C(Product can work continuously at full load)
Humidity range 595% (N.C.)

-Above the parameters are in 12V system at 25°C, twice in 24Vsystem
~Rated charge/discharge current temp. range is -25 to 55 'C

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