Array Sector AS-5-20 Antenna

Array Sector AS-5-20 Antenna


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RF elements® Array Sector antennas provide exceptional RF performance, colocation capability, ease of installation, and cost efficiency. The antennas feature our patented BackShield™, a frequency selective surface that attenuates the side lobes in the azimuth plane and back radiation, integrated directly in the antenna body. Array Sector 5-20 operates in extremely wide frequency band, has balanced gain in both polarizations, and offers unmatched main lobe stability for superior coverage performance.



Frequency Range: 5150 – 5850 MHz
Gain: 20 dBi
Polarization: Dual Linear H + V
Azimuth Beam Width: -3 dB H 80° / V 71°
Elevation Beam Width: -3 dB H 3.5° / V 3.5°
Azimuth Beam Width: -6 dB H 100° / V 100°
Elevation Beam Width: -6 dB H 4.5° / V 4.5°
Front-to-Back Ratio: (Min) 30 dB
Beam Efficiency*: 69 %
Cross Pol Isolation: H 27 dB / V 27 dB
Impedance: 50 Ohm
VSWR Max: 1.7
VSWR Typical: 1.4
Isolation Between Ports: 30 dB


Download Array Sector AS-5-20 Antenna Datasheet


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